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Audio tube amp for interior design

Horgonic. Tube amp for interior design, emotional, morphochromatic with thermionic tubes, for listen music from your smartphone, Iphone, tablet, personal computer.

First thing, Horgonic it’s handmade starting from design up to build and test, then… what you're seeing is the result of hundreds of hours of experiments, failures, trials, days, weeks, months, the sheer joy of the creative artisan. Horgonic not as merely object but a part of the artisan’s soul, a moment of life, story and troubles of those who carried it out, time and dreams used to do what is his passion and his pleasure and perseverance, take this Emotions in mind and remembering that if you buy Horgonic, the value of which you will become to be the owner is all of that…Emotions.

Horgonic. Tube amp for interior design, emotional, morphochromatic with thermionic tubes, for listen music from your smartphone, Iphone, tablet, personal computer.

Design means to create stories to tell and solutions to live in a single object.

The passion often leads to be impulsive, inaccurate, to commit smears ... but with a purpose in mind: to make a living in reality their idea.

Horgonic. Tube amp for interior design, emotional, morphochromatic with thermionic tubes, for listen music from your smartphone, Iphone, tablet, personal computer.

Technology task is upstream of the artisan passion applied to working “simple” shaping the "passions inaccuracies" rise to the challenge to convey the concept of "uniqueness" typical of a limited edition of the craft art.

Horgonic is an object that tells it all, it's a piece of art craft art that lasts forever.

Any Horgonic is serialized and personalized with a manual that certifies its specific performance and accompanied by a certificate signed by the author (every Horgonic is not “identical” to the other).


Product and road map

Horgonic. Tube amp for interior design, emotional, morphochromatic with thermionic tubes, for listen music from your smartphone, Iphone, tablet, personal computer.

Horgonic is the first of a series of emotional and morphocromatics amplifiers using vacuum tubes, styled inside an orgonic esoterically energy box (the orgone chamber), to enjoy class A music, from your smartphone, iphone, tablet, personal computer. Audio sources can be both digital (compressed or streaming) or of course, analog from magnetic pick up / coil, using the media port extension and the RIIA adapter , provided with Horgonic as add on feature by order.

The road map of subsequent versions will continue in accordance with the original concept: hand made any single piece but functionalities will be extended by 2016 to version 4.0 including integrated audio streaming from web services, DAC cloud audio store and APP media center, this will realize Horgonic as a real first audio full IoT (internet of things).


We have the firm belief that reproduce good hi-fi music is not anymore only and exclusively tied with a physical support and this does not necessarily means digital is a poor audio quality source, it's all depends.

We are convinced based on our experience and know how, that "liquid" music 16 and 24 bit delivered by cloud service provider and connected to Horgonic as the last audio digital post process phase is the best in terms of quality and pleasure to listen music from everywhere easy and smart.

At the end the result is to have the new technologies integrated with the analog quality of Horgonic plus the augmented feeling with pleasure and emotions, that only Horgonic with his design can.

But, this does not mean that a combination of turntable player/vinyl disc and a tube amplifier like Horgonic don't remain a milestone of special fascination for who see beyond the surface, not discussion if bit and byte or analog, but a must for all the chain, good source, good amplifier and good loudspeakers and lovers of beautiful things exited moments and good music.

A brief synthesis of the actual digital sampling standards available.

Note that higher is the sampling and frequency best it's the audio quality up to 4.000 Kbps (kilobits per second), that is the border where the digital source it's not different from analog and make impossible for humans to recognize differences.

Musica liquida.
Sketch of driving circuit led display.

Under test a new line of Horgonic audio box and plasma tweeters (2016/2017).

The electronic scheme applies a design guidelines of two US patents "stable high gain amplifier direct coupled" recorded in 1966 and "tube overdrive pedal using low voltage" recorded in 1991.

Horgonic, use for all components of amplification only discrete components (not silicon or integrated circuits). All electronic wiring is on air and visible from the external transparent case, wires are made of silver and silk protected (anode valve).

The assembly process is performed completely by hands, as well as the output transformers, realized using a winding original machine made in 1945.


The testing phase is carried out with input signal of low distortion square wave and sine wave, measured and tuned with the original Tektronix 1963 oscilloscope (model Apollo).

The active components of the amplification stages in pure class A single ended, it’s made of two high voltage pentodes and one high gain triode.
Horgonic, assembles vacuum tubes NOS (new old stock) and original valves of the 50’s famous brands: Siemens, Telefunken, Mullard, FIVRE (Italy), Tungsram, Philps, RFT, valve’s specifications mounted on each Horgonic are in the manual shipped with Horgonic.

Method of use recommended

Its audio features place it at the top of the listening quality for audiophiles demanding, but it was not designed with the objective of sound reinforcement large spaces and clubs, but for transmitting vibrations and emotions close to the listener, it observes and touches.

Its sound power undeclared it’s ideal for medium sized studio, relaxation, tantric support, meditation techniques, SPA environments, post sauna, emotional showers, and chromotherapy in wellness center.


Horgonic is a project of research and focus of a totem to represent listening and looking  a synthesis of life, the flow of light with the look in paths, roads, cities, temples, colors, warmth and transparency but also the dark side of existence, causing the reflection with the recovery and the stimulus through the observation of our attitudes, skills and enthusiasm, a flash back of what patience, creativity, commitment and imagination combined with the dexterity of doing, It can create simple patterns with essential materials “Zen Design”.

This object would like to demonstrate, but also be a synthesis realization of the past connected to the present (digital sources) and where his orgone energy and beauty, was seen or felt from outside in transparency during the observation and listening, and therefore the presence of bare metal, copper, aluminum, bronze, and so much heat (vacuum tubes) to melt together, and that this was also an object you can touch inside in his deep, giving the taste of risk and tactile sensations.

Why the name HORGONIC and what is orgone energy

Horgonic was designed having in mind the energy that can accumulate between different materials organic and non-organic, and shapes that help the accumulation of energy from the vacuum, non-canonical and alternative studies are constantly being also the pyramids and the particular internal structures of said chamber of the king.

The orgone energy hence the project name Horgonic, was studied by Wilhelm Reich (born in 1897) since the' 20s, when he was a student of Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. The initial theories of Freud on human behavior related in metaphorical terms the energy of the instincts, he called libido.  While Freud and his colleagues stopped by the time you use this term, Reich carried on extensive research on this force that governs the emotions, behavior and human sexuality. His clinical work made him discover the currents of emotional energy in the body, which could be detected in healthy humans during a state of deep relaxation, after the expression of strong emotion, these were identified by Reich as expressions of an energetic movement not prevented in the body. He was convinced that the very low energy levels observed could not fully explain the powerful energy forces observed in human behavior. The pleasure, observed, was identified by an increase of bioelectric charge of the skin, while the anxiety was accompanied by a loss. This movement "towards" or "away from" the world is the result of the experiences of each.

Life naturally moves toward pleasure and away from pain.

Reich studying the development of amoebas discovered for the first time the orgone radiation and later the principles orgone accumulator, a structure composed of layers of metal and organic material that attracts and amplify the orgone energy.  The orgone accumulator has specific effects in favor of the life of plants and animals exposed to a concentration of life energy contained in it, Reich he subjected his experiments Room orgone he designed to A. Einstein in Princeton in 1941, which actually ascertained production energy as a result of an increase in temperature of objects placed inside the chamber orgone, research continues today, despite the inquisition of official science has tried and sentenced Reich and burned all his books.
"Love, work and knowledge are the sources of our life. Let even that govern "
Wilhelm Reich

Functional Characteristics

Horgonic is designed to achieve specific functional specifications:

NCD Night Cool Design: NCD Cool Night Design: Morphocromatic attitude to change color and image according to the illumination coming from the outside, to the point where it is resting, in the dark.

SSE Stereo Single Ended: transformer output to the loudspeakers designed to ensure good sound quality and maximum simplification.

ICCF Iron Copper Cristal fusion: Implements the theory orgone made layers of condensation of the slabs that are doing it and interposed metals.

PCASTA Pure Class A Starved Tube Amplifier: The electronic circuit amplifies linearly a sine wave distortion of crossover typical transistors and amplifiers in class B.

HHCD Heart Hot Cool Design: Open air Design to highlight the shortcomings of handmade wiring and the beauty of the electronic components.

3TZWD 3 Tube Zen Wiring Diagram: Electronic diagram Circuit reduced by design to the maximum simplification and maximum reduction of passive and active components.

TPT Toroid Power Transformer: Power AC toroid transformer to decrease the magnetic currents dispersed and detection of hum.

SPT Starved Pentode Tube: Implementation of US patent for a particular anode supply.

SDDI Smart Device Digital Input:  Balanced audio input carefully tested to accept audio sources of different nature.

ACST All Component Safe And Touchable:  All the components and wiring can be touched without any risk to people.

LDDT Low Distortion Double Triode: Implementation of US patent for a specific mode of polarization.

LBPI Light Blue Pulse Indicator: Light Blue Pulse Indicator: Indicator emotional peaks music (PEP)

HPDC High Power Discrete Component: All the components used are oversized to ensure unfailure/unlimited operations.

SWLP Silk Wire Ceramic Protector: Where present high voltage and high temperature the wire conductors are insulated with silk and ceramic.

ACHV Alternate Current Heater Voltage: To ensure maximum tube electrons emission, tube filaments are AC powered. 

ZNIOS Zero Noise Input Output Signal: Special attention by design in designing Horgonic with the highest ratio of signal / noise.
Voltage power supply: 220/115 Volt AC
Audio input (*): type AUX, input impedance 10kohm, the basic model is designed to process incoming any sound source from PC, Tablet, iPhone, smart phones (iOS and Android).
Impedance Output audio: 8 ohms. for any type of high efficiency speakers (suggested 98Dbm).

(*) Custom converters are available for inputs with different characteristics.

The vacuum tubes used with HORGONIC

The effect thermionic emission of electrons from metals brought to incandescence, he had already been discovered in England in 1873 and was then carefully studied English Owen Willans Richardson (1879-1959) and for this he received in 1928 the Prize Nobel. It was another Englishman, John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945) who invented the diode in 1904 and an American inventor, Lee De Forest invented the triode in 1906. Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) it was among the first to recognize the ' importance of vacuum tubes and a say in its receiver-transmitter equipment.
During the Second World War they were made vacuum tubes for military applications, miniaturized and contained in metal casings, more robust and could withstand considerable shocks. Radio transceivers and electronic devices that use this type of vacuum tubes from the project but more modern, were also used by the US in the Vietnam War, was called nuvistor, and was the last version of the thermionic tube before the final obsolescence.
ENIAC, the first fully electronic computer, worked for about of 17,468 vacuum tubes (equivalent to as many transistors) and used 160 kW of electrical power virtually to keep them on (equal to the power required by 80 electric furnaces of the household type).  A modern computer contains billion transistors and consume more or less than a thousandth of that power.
Even the Tektronix oscilloscope used for the specific calibration of electronic HORGONIC which is a double track of the sixties, and that is the audio signals input and output is fully realized in an apparatus valves (valves 63 to be precise).

The first amplifier valve: the triode (Audion) De Forest.

Theory of operation of valves used with HORGONIC

The thermionic valve (or vacuum tube) was the first electronic component "active" man-made.  For "active substance" means a component that, thanks to an external source of energy, outputs a power signal amplified. The operation of the maximum is simple: the current passes between two electrodes (the anode and the cathode); depending on the voltage to which are placed some metal parts (grilles) interposed between the two electrodes, the cathode emits electrons by thermionic effect, ie for heating.
Because the current flow is due to the electrons (not ions), some call the electronic thermal valve device.
Until the sixties, thermionic tubes of various types were used in amounts in electronic equipment such as radio receivers and transmitters, televisions, and in general in all types of amplifiers of electrical signals.  Although the first computers were built entirely by vacuum tubes. The invention of the vacuum tube made possible the transition from radiotelegraphy to radio, because, by amplifying electrical signals, allowing to transmit not only impulses telegraph, but also voices and sounds, thus ushering in the era of mass media.
Although today's transistor, in their various forms and types, have supplanted the valves in almost every application, they remain the only means for amplifying signals to power very high, on the order of kilowatts or more, and for special high-end audio equipment. The semiconductor photodetectors can be advantageously employed in place of the photodiodes in vacuum in the presence of exposure to ionizing radiation, since the resulting immune.

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