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Horgonic can be completed with a wide range of accessories for one to live a fully multisensorial listening experience.

  • Add the remote control for the multicolored leds.
  • multi entrance tube preamplifier
  • piatto per l’ascolto di dischi in vinile;
  • Choose among the different colors available for the internal chrome finishing: steel, gunmetal grey, gold.

Shape your audio speakers, choosing among different colors and woods.



Design is about creating stories to tell and solutions to experience in a single object

The hand-made manipulation of the electronic components makes Horgonic an evocative piece of art. By playing high fidelity music, it lends itself to the enhancement of particularly fascinating and valuable medium-sized spaces, in which the elegant and flowing integration of the object in the furniture is intensely significant.

Life naturally moves towards pleasure and away from pain;'love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it'.
Wilhelm Reich  1897-1957  (Sigmund Freud’s student, academic and scholar of what he called orgone energy)