Horgonic is the first of a series of emotional and morphocromatics amplifiers using vacuum tubes, styled inside an orgonic esoterically energy box (the orgone chamber), to enjoy HI FI class A music, from your smartphone, iphone, tablet, personal computer, others audio sources streaming or not streaming, resulting in a typical output of warm and well refined music, it play different and alternative from the most used silicon/transitors components.

Fusion of organic and non organic materials, Merging in a perfect accord and rhythm

The road map of subsequent versions will continue in accordance with the original concept: hand made any single piece but functionalities will be extended in the next years including integrated audio streaming from web services, DAC cloud audio store and APP media center, this will realize Horgonic as a real first audio full IoT (internet of things).

Its audio features place it at the top of the listening quality for audiophiles demanding, but it was not designed with the objective of sound reinforcement large spaces and clubs, but for transmitting vibrations and emotions close to the listener, it observes and touches. Its Hi Fi sound power it’s ideal for medium sized studio, relaxation, tantric support, meditation techniques, SPA environments, post sauna, emotional showers, and chromotherapy in wellness center.

Any Horgonic is serialized and personalized with a manual that certifies its specific performance (every Horgonic is not “identical” to each other).

The hand-made manipulation of the electronic components makes Horgonic an evocative piece of art. By playing high fidelity music, it lends itself to the enhancement of particularly fascinating and valuable medium-sized spaces, in which the elegant and flowing integration of the object in the furniture is intensely significant

The electronic scheme apply a design guidelines of two US patents "stable high gain amplifier direct coupled" recorded in 1966 and "tube overdrive pedal using low voltage" recorded in 1991.

Horgonic, use for all components of amplification only discrete components (not silicon or integrated circuits). All electronic wiring is on air and visible from the external transparent case, wires are made of silver and silk protected (anode valve).

The assembly process is performed completely by hands, as well as the output transformers, realized using a winding original machine made in 1945.

The testing phase is carried out with input signal of low distortion square wave and sine wave, measured and tuned with the original Tektronix 1963 oscilloscope (model Apollo).

The active components of the amplification stages in pure class A single ended, it’s made of two high voltage pentodes and one high gain triode.
Horgonic, assembles vacuum tubes NOS (new old stock) and original valves of the 50’s famous brands: Siemens, Telefunken, Mullard, FIVRE (Italy), Tungsram, Philps, RFT, valve’s specifications mounted on each Horgonic are in the manual shipped with Horgonic.


DIMENSIONS: 37x24x18 cm Weight 6Kg
  1. Hand assembled product
  2. Methacrylate or Crystal container
  3. Class A Single End amplification
  4. Electronic Tubes
  5. Professional electronic components
  6. Red copper and grain-oriented transformers
  7. Mono Ampli rack stackable version
  8. Solid point to point wiring
  9. Registered model


Light effects, remote controlled by a specific RGB APP, creates a colors reflection that underlines the rhythm during the psychedelic and interective listening. Horgonic is morphocromatic , and thanks to the limpidity of its slabs it dresses the shades of colour of the surfaces on which it is placed, in a non-invasive way compared to the commercial in the box metal amplifiers.


Horgonic can be completed with a wide range of accessories for one to live a fully multisensorial listening experience.




Three way floorstanding speakers in a high-efficiency bass-reflex system.


In transparent methacrylic for 33 and 45 RPM vinyl listening.


with simultaneous connection to systems equipped with BT (Bluetooth), turntable player and CD.

  • Replace the methacrylic slabs with the crystal ones that emphasize its design making it even more precious.
  • Add the remote control for the multicolored leds.
  • Choose among the different colors available for the internal chrome finishing: steel, gunmetal grey, gold.
  • Laser engrave texts and/or logos on the upper slabs.
  • Shape your audio speakers, choosing among different colors and woods.